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December 16th, Holiday Cocktail Party, details to follow...
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Street Paving Delay
Proposed Putting Green
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Lifestyle Committee Events

• December 16 Holiday Cocktail Party
• January 1 New Year’s Day Brunch
BOD/HOA Meetings Live Text Streaming

For the hearing impaired, or just those who cannot make meetings, BC has entered into an agreement with “Archive Reporting & Captioning Service” to stream a live transcription of monthly Board of Directors and annual Homeowners' Association meetings. For directions on how to access this service click here. As a convenience of those present at the meeting, a transcription is also shown on a large screen television.
Area Activities/Highlights

Need an idea for local places, resturants or attractions to visit? Or need a place, other than your house, for visitors to stay? Check out this page .
January 1 - New Year’s Day Brunch

The Life Style Committee is hosting a New Year’s Day Brunch at the Clubhouse, from 10:30AM to 12:30PM. The Committee would like to invite one and all to join your friends and neighbors for this very informal get-together. We just ask that you please sign up in the Clubhouse book ahead of time so that we may have enough food and drink for all to enjoy. Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paula Thetford at (301)806-7908 or

December 2016

Three very important announcements were made at the November Board meeting on Wednesday, November 9th: First was the reminder that our annual HOA Budget meeting will be held at the clubhouse on Saturday, November 19th at 10:00 a.m. to review and approve the 2017 operating budget and set the 2017 HOA dues. Second was an announcement that a contract has been signed with Guardian Property Management LLC, a new Property Management company replacing Legum & Norman effective January,2017. Third is that an Ad Hoc committee will be formed to study a proposal to install a putting green in the common area west of the clubhouse.

The Board and the Finance Committee have been working with many committees charged with the responsibility of running the community to develop an operating budget with the goal of keeping Bay Crossing beautiful, solvent and maintaining property values. This time our budget must include the Phase Four common area items since Blenheim will transfer those assets to the HOA by year end. That covers expenses related to steet lights, landscaping, now removal, irrigation and the pond. We welcome over 60 new residential lots and over 110 residents. We are pleased to announce that this has been done with no increase in annual dues. To read the rest in December's The Breeze click here.

Schedule of Committee & Club Meetings

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Grounds - Monday @ 10 BOD - Wednesday @ 9 ARC - Friday @ 10:30 Finance - Wednesday @ 10
Travel - Monday @ 10:15      
Book - Monday @ 1      
Lifestyle - Friday @ 10:30      
Locations may vary and day/times can change. Check with Committee/Club Chairperson.

Board of Directors

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Doug Winkelmann
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Cathy Schlossnagle
Tom Reed
Phil Wescott
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Today is:

Street Paving Delay

There has been a delay in the construction and completion of the two remaining Blenheim homes. The HOA was assured that both homes would be completed by the third week in October. It now looks like they might go into the first week of November. This delay will have a major impact on the road work that was scheduled to start on Monday, October 24.

Road work in Phase 4 is still a priority and must be completed before any other paving is done in Bay Crossing. This work cannot begin until Sussex County Public Works Department gives Blenheim the green light and the County will supervise to make sure the work is done in accord with best quality standards. Work started on November 3rd, with completion (weather permitting) on November 10th.

This push back in schedule has had a major effect on the planned schedule to start the repair and repaving of Bay Crossing Blvd. and Vessel Cove. We are going to reschedule this work until the Spring of 2017. The reason is that to start repair and then paving in the middle of November is not advised by either the County PWD or our contractor. The concern is that colder weather could have an adverse effect on the curing of the road surface and could impact the quality of the finished product. If the weather remained warm throughout November and into December the roads would cure, but the HOA Board does not feel the risk is worth taking.

Facilities Committee

October 24, 2016

Our Bay Crossing Facilities Committee is seeking new volunteers to serve our community.

The committee's responsibilities include all matters relating to the maintenance of the Clubhouse and other facilities, including the gazebos, but excluding pool maintenance.

Please consider joining our team for this important and rewarding experience.

Contact Ruth Ann Kaufman or Jerry Suslak if interested or seeking additional information


Grounds Committee

November 10, 2016

This committee meets once monthly for about 1.5 hours and has the responsibility for roads, snow removal, gound maintenance and all common areas. This committee administers the contracts that represent approximately 1/2 of all annual spending in the community. A background in finance, gardening landscaping or any form of property management is good but not necessary.

Contact Betty Harvilla if interested or for additional information.

Proposed Putting Green

At the Bay Crossing Board of Directors (BOD) meeting on June 8, 2015 the BOD approved the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate installing a synthetic putting green in a common area for the enjoyment and benefits of all Homeowners and their guests. For several months the Committee conducted a feasibility analysis resulting in a proposal submitted to the Finance Committee and the BOD. That proposal is available for review by clicking here.

According to the proposal, “The purpose of this report is to convey to you a summary of our findings and to point out the importance of the social and economic benefits to Bay Crossing and its Homeowners. After detailing our research and site visits, our two recommendations are provided along with a cost estimate.”

During its November 2016 BOD meeting, the BOD asked for volunteers to man a new, and separate, ad hoc committee to review the submitted proposal. On November 15, 2016 Peter Grant, President, announced that Frank Storey, Tom Wrubel, Kathy Patalive, Steve Carbone and Kristine Snyder would be the committee’s members.

This ad hoc committee is tasked with evaluating the submitted proposal for reasonableness and thoroughness, gauging the community’s overall interest and submitting a report, with recommendation, to the BOD. This will be accomplished by speaking with our neighbors and receiving email generated comments.

In order to facilitate email comments, a special email address, has been created. This email address will send comments directly to committee members for review and consideration.

We highly recommend everyone read the proposal and if you have an opinion on this issue kindly submit your comments to the committee.

Tom Wrubel



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